Thursday 11 June 2009

Another die

I made a new die for a tall vase/jar last week. It worked well and we has fun twisting and bending them as they were extruded. It was a treat that they did look as I had hoped and imagined, (not always the case with dies). The bases, rims and general tidying up take much longer than I care to admit, though I do treat each one individually, I have to as they have their own characters. This in turn suggests how I draw on them.

I had a trip to Glasgow yesterday to attend an event run by the Scottish Arts Council and the Cultural Enterprise Office 'Reflect, Refresh, Replenish'. The day out was rather sandwiched into a busy schedule of preparing work for 'Earth and Fire' and I perhaps wasn't in the best of mind spaces to 'Reflect' or 'Replenish'. However it was good to get out of my beaver hole and be forced to TRY to reflect a little - (where I am post-funding and where I would like to be/go etc). It was also good to meet other makers and have the company for the day of Lizzie (artist and basket maker).

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