Tuesday 30 June 2009

Earth and Fire

Here are a few images from the weekend at 'Earth and Fire'. It didn't rain at all, apparently a rare event. In fact it was delightful to be outside for the three warm gentle summer days. As my first time exhibiting here I didn't really know what to expect - I had never even managed to travel down to visit it before. The venue was stunning with a very different feel depending on which area you were in. I was in the 'turning circle' which was spacious and relaxing, while the stalls within the old abbey quiet and contemplative and in the courtyard where everone was closer together it had a bustling market feel.

The two ceramic seats I took were very useful. The snake one was well stroked and after a bit of encouragement, ('Yes of course it's strong enough to sit on'), sat upon. The nearest I came to possibly selling one was to a woman who seemingly couldn't decide which, then ended up saying she would see what next year's were like. She's being hopeful!

It was really good to meet so many lovely people and put faces to some potters whose work I have seen but never met. At last I met Anna Lambert, she and her family were camping next to us. I have admired her work for many years and I knew that she arrived at Corsham, (Bath Academy of Art), as I left but had never met her.

There were in fact so many nice potters, as well as some very nice pot-lovers. I haven't talked so much for ages.

We got back home in the early hours of Monday morning. It took yesterday to unpack and generally flop but re-energised after a good night's sleep I spent the day throwing, I have a lot of MUGS to make for Potfest. I didn't take enough to E and F as I had really wanted to show the new bigger pieces, but the ones I did take vanished. One of the bigger pieces I did sell was the black upright wave, or 'Harbour wall' as I nick named it. I was surprised, as it is probably the first truly non functional piece I have made. When I made that comment to Liz Robison she said that it was useful, 'it was useful to look at'. I liked that!


  1. Glad to hear the show went well. The pots look amazing.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Earth & Fire. The team all appreciated ypur comments. Hope to see you next year. Here is our blogspot or follow us on Twitter