Sunday 29 January 2012

The week's shipyard and other images

I've been at it all week and still have two boats left to put together tomorrow. How many did I embark on? Here are some of the creations so far.

This one is going to take plants. I have thrown some holders which will locate into the holes in the deck. It should become a sort of plant barge when it is finished.

The honeymooning couple or the hen pecked husband?

A pile of oars, made from extruded sections and then pulled a little,

and a pile of sailors waiting for their oars (and their hair). What a tangle of arms I got into with this one. Everything had to be put together at exactly the right time - the oars stiff enough and the arms bendy enough, but not too floppy. I was late through for supper that night, they couldn't be left until things had been stabilised and they were falling over and flopping with oars bending the wrong way for quite a while. It was hard to have enough fingers and thumbs. At one point I thought that I had put figures in back to front, cut them out again, making a huge mess in the process and then realised that they were right after all!

These fine rowers are now sitting on the swell, perhaps feeling a little seasick

and not at all happy about the upstart in the speed boat.

If I have been having fun this week, this sculptor has most definitely been having fun.

He is kinetic sculptor Johnny White, and has a touring exhibition which we are lucky enough to have at Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries until Easter, entitled 'Beastly Machines'.

Here are some images from the opening on Saturday.
'Thrush Hour' above.

'Fido Dogskiofski'

'The Lifecycle of a Mosquito'

It's the sort of show that children would love, and were loving. A dog which barked honkily when you stroked it's nose, a mosquito peddling a penny farthing. Not to mention the whale with an industrial bottle brush for its spout.


  1. I love your peoples faces. Thanks for sharing all of the steps in your process. You're truly inspiring.

  2. That looks a fascinating exhibition!

    I like the way your flotilla is developing!!

  3. Wow Christine, everything looks incredible. I don't know how you do it or how you work on all these amazing pieces at once.

  4. love the heads and feet pic, I'm starting to see how some of the extrusions work now...very em all

  5. So much fun seeing the wonderful progress that you are making with your flotilla. The animation of your figures is brilliant, they already look like they are bobbing up and down on the waves and exerting themselves. Quite a technical feat managing to keep clay just right for bending, joining, supporting, and all that... without cracking or collapsing! Johnny White's exhibition looks great, and... um, it's not just children that would enjoy a show like that either, there's one old fella here that would too!