Tuesday 12 June 2012

The cellist went ‘Boom!

Stupid stupid stupid. I was rushing, trying to get some new vases out for 'Earth and Fire' at Rufford next week. During the morning I dried them in the tepid half- hearted sun, which didn’t get them very far. Then I found that three of them were JUST too tall for the biscuit emergency top loader kiln.

But yes, of course, take out the bottom shelf completely, that gets me the extra half inch I need. Was it because I was so pleased to have got them in and shut the lid without breaking the tops off that I FORGOT to put in the pyrometer? I set it on my steam soak at just below ninety degrees, crowed to a sceptical Rodger that I got them in, then made a phone call. BOOM!

Instantly I knew what I had done, switched off, and opened a steaming kiln to find the tragic sight of three exploded vases.

What an idiot, how COULD I have forgotten to put the pyrometer back in?!
Maybe I have been working too hard, trying to cram too much in, I haven’t actually stopped since Spring Fling, or maybe I am just getting past it.

Anyhow a bike ride later I was feeling better. I've still got seven left, now steaming happily away. Just a pity it was the cellist, the last one I drew, when I felt that my drawing was in the zone, that I lost.

After that sorry tale, here’s a faintly winsome detail of “Girl and her gannet'.

 Lots of glaze painting over the next few days as I work out my kiln firing count down.

 And how’s this for an exterminating cactus. (Dalek sounds emitting).

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Oh and it's that house again. I got over to see it eventually. 'Couch' by Alice Francis, an installation which was part of Spring Fling. Makes you smile and especially effective as a tractor rumbled by. I loved the zip fittings.

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