Sunday 3 June 2012

New Pots for Spring Fling

 What a week, what a weekend. But (so far) I'm still standing! Here are some photos from last weeks manic photo session of some of the new 'Water Boy series'. 'Black Hair' found a good home yesterday - I'm so glad I took a good shot of him as wasn't around long enough to 'let him go' easily.

'Nosey' Water boy


'The Swell' , who suffered a little mishap drying out, but Rodger's sculptural skills came to the rescue with a bit of resin filler in the base and saved the day.


I'm pleased with the inner glow of this  oval dish.

'Ethel' Oskar and Rachael's Italian greyhound puppy had to go on this long dish, all long legs, noses and bottoms.

 On Friday I rushed in to town to find a few flowers for the Flowers barge. Hope the dog doesn't sneeze...

Here's a close up of the new husband in the 'Honeymoon Couple' boat.

It was good to have so much new work to display and to show to the Spring Fling visitors. Two more days to go, will my voice last out I wonder? I'll try to remember to take some photos tomorrow, but it's hard when I don't even remember to drink the endless cups of tea and coffee my kind family and friends are plying me with.