Tuesday 5 June 2012

A little white fluffy cloud of nothingness.

 Spring Fling Open studios is over and all I want to do is sit quietly in a little white fluffy cloud of nothingness.

I had some really lovely visitors, interested and interesting and I wanted to give them all a rewarding visit to my studio, but by half way through the afternoon on each day I fear that I was beginning to become a tad incoherent, occasionally completely running out of steam. We got through plenty of pots of coffee and several bakings of flapjack. The latter I kept nibbling to give me an energy boost - in fact I couldn't face another bite of treacle flapjack for at least a year.

At various points over the event we had the cycle tour, the walking tour and the bus tour, and goodness knows how a quiet person like me managed to rabbit on about dies and extrusions and glazes and slips and kilns and pots for four continuous days.

Thanks to all my helpers, especially to Rodger who heroically came to the rescue on many occasions when my brain ground to a halt.

Big sort out tomorrow, and back to making. I actually managed to get the big kiln packed late this afternoon as it started to quieten down, although I was so spaced out I went and chipped the edge of one of my big dishes. Grrrr! As someone had decided to turn the cold tap back on the weather I'll have a nice cosy workshop in the morning.


  1. Lovely post Christine, sounds like you need a good rest now!

  2. great studio that you have. great jobs too.. and I agree with Spring Fling: you need a good rest :)