Sunday 25 January 2009

All Music this weekend

A big Robert Burns celebration for his 250 year anniversary took place this afternoon in Dumfries.There was music and paper lanterns with three huge processions along the river arriving in time for the fire sculpture and lone piper. As I was both singing Burns songs with the 'Feral Choir', as well as playing drums with the 'Samba Sisters', I had a great day. Here is a photo of 'The Tam o'Shanter' willow fire sculpture, with the 'deil' hanging onto it's tail. Trevor Leat made this - too good to burn, but it did look spectacular as it went off.
Sheep lanterns,
....and a moose or two. Sorry, I never got any shots after dusk when it all came together but it gives a feel of the event.


  1. Those paper sculptures looked wonderful, too good to burn. I would love to see how they were made, any more photos of them? Thanks for showing them.

  2. ha ha, just what I need, a pic of Trevor's sculpture. Mind if I use it. All in the SF cause.

  3. Zoe has some really good shots on the McGill Duncan Gallery blog.

  4. a very fine blog- found when I was looking for burns festival images, but a great revalation of the working process, thanks.