Friday 30 January 2009

Spare leg toast racks

I had some left over legs from the stools - decided they would make good toast racks, not that many people use toast racks these days.
Things I've been doing this week include cutting a new die. This one is for pugmill's the letter box shaped expansion box - the widest dish yet, should be interesting. I got some NEW drills this week - it was so much easier and quicker than beavering away for ages with blunt ones -didn't realsise it would make SUCH a difference!
Jobs, messy jobs.


  1. that's some handy looking tool! looks like cutting was a breeze...where did the inspiration for your toolage come from? the extruding work is sooo massive???

  2. That'a my'sroll saw' and it's been a good buy. It was taking me a day to cut a die with a fret and hacksaw. The only thing is the kick, I get a sore arms holding the aluminium flat and still, but it has a foot control so it feels a bit like a sewing machine for metal.