Monday 26 January 2009

Burns and biscs

More images from the Burns celebration in Dumfries on Sunday. It seemed such a pity to burn that superb willow horse, though it did make a wildly dramatic spectacle. I loved these fish, and they looked even better as it got dark, especially dancing about to the music.

I did a batch of throwing yesterday - mugs for the local Yacht Club order. They felt rather small after the monster stuff. Meanwhile I've been doing some tests with the black clay, taking the bisc to 1160c. I tried applying some glaze to these high bisc fired pieces and it seemed to go on fine - I thought it would just run off. Hmmm, it's good that the glaze is being absorbed, but the whole point is that I want the clay to be pretty vitrified, so that I feel happier about the large pieces going outsdoors. I might even try a 1200c bisc and see what happens. The Valentines black should go up to stoneware, but I've mixed it 50/50 with Red earthenware.....Ok, I should have had this all worked out BEFORE I made the huge stools, but I can never learn to hold back when the enthusiasm sets in.

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