Saturday 3 January 2009

Happy Creations 2009

This lovely plate of Prue Cooper"s I bought from the Whitehouse Gallery in Kirkcudbright and gave to Rodger for Christmas. It a fantastic picture of Rodger. Not only is it HIS chicken topiary, it is simply HIM. How did Prue Cooper know?

I got back into the workshop on Friday and had a HUGE New Year tidy up. How could things have got into quite such a muddle and tip when no one had been in it that much? I think the pre Christmas one handed bench wiping and sweeping etc must have taken its toll, ( all better now thankfully). Only after a morning of blitz could I remember where my head I was before the Christmas New Year break.... I uncovered all the plastic wrappers and discovered...the top to the stool! Actually it is the second top - the first one had met a rather unhappy fate as I had been so keen to see the piece together we had lifted the top on while still just a little too soft. As we were all standing discussing, admiring, critisising, discussing, it a rather dramatic self destruct...shloomp on the floor.

Also ongoing, I found the solid wave.....I'm still working on where this one is going. It was really a spare double skin which I decided to press over some corrugations, but I like the idea of an upright wiggle.

Happy Creations 2009!


  1. love your work! happy new to you too..

  2. May all your creations be happy....heres to a great 2009....amanda x